River Island

This is an amazing view of The Dnipro River from ancient hills, the witnesses of Trypillian culture, located near village Vitachov, Ukraine.

The weather on that day was gloomy, so when I arrived on the site a great view opened to me. But it was absolutely colorless. The sky was cast by the clouds and it was obvious that nothing will change in the nearest time. Only a miracle could help me and I started to wait for one. A few hours later I saw a clearing in the clouds and the lit area was moving in the right direction. I knew that was my only chance and I would never miss it. So when the sun reached the island, it literally ignited the grass with bright yellow and created a great contrast with blue water. I was able to capture the moment when the sun reached the edge of the island leaving the rest in the shade. In a minute everything was over, the light disappeared and the colors faded, but the magic moment will remain pictured forever.

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